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Troxtel Design
Glendale, California

Troxtel Design uses form•Z to create set design and previsualize architectural elements for Hollywood.

"form•Z is not [just] a CAD package in my mind. It is a very specific tool for architectural or mechanical visualization. CAD packages don't have a fraction of the modeling capabilities found in form•Z. With form•Z we get results very quickly. ItÕs not too tough for new young people to get up and be productive in our fast paced results-oriented studio. My advice to other shops: keep form•Z in your toolbox. You'll need it."

Not only will Troxtel be lending his form•Z expertise to the big screen once again with work on another Sodderberg film, a sci-fi spectacular called, "Solaris," he will also soon be using form•Z to make film history. "We have just been awarded the contract to design The Motion Picture Hall of Fame-a new interactive museum complex here in LA. We'll use form•Z to model the interior and all of the exhibits."

Mary J. Blige Concert Set