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Victor Martinez
Los Angeles, California

 "I must point out what a pivotal and exciting time it is right now for 3D designers in the film industry who are involved in production design. For years, digital design work in the film industry has been dedicated to post production - namely visual effects. However, studios are now beginning to realize the importance of digital design in pre-production. What used to take tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and software, can now be executed for a fraction of the cost (with software like form·Z) on desktop computers. And as fabrication techniques such as rapid prototyping, CNC milling, and laser cutting become more and more cost effective, studios are realizing that the costs to actually build complex sets (impossible to build in the past) versus CGI environments is becoming much more affordable."

An interview with Victor Martinez was published in the 2003 in·form·Z newsletter. Click below to read it.

2003 in·form·Z newsletter, pages 16-17

Solaris - Courtesy of 20th Century Fox